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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Quick Cook Says Demarco Set him up || 2012

Questions Popcaan, 'How yuh a go ask a fish how di party look?'

Dancehall entertainer Quick Cook wants to set the record straight as to his involvement in DeMarco's Kingston City music video in which lyrical shots were fired at deejay Popcaan.

According to Quick Cook, he was set up by DeMarco and his engineer to appear in the music video in an effort by the two to dis the Only Man She Want deejay.

"People, mi nuh business wid DeMarco and Popcaan wid dem yaow or dem wow, or dem bow, or whatever. Him a use mi as a bait fi try get to Popcaan. Now, everybody a seh Quick Cook sell out, an dis and dat. Mi nuh do nutten an a get styling. Mi nuh have nutten fi do wid it; mi nuh business bout it. DeMarco just shout mi an seh gi him a strength, an when mi look, a dat mi see come out," Quick Cook told THE WEEKEND STAR.

He continued, "Him a disrespect di yute. Popcaan must feel a way fi me just inna Party Shot an when yuh look, me a go come out inna song weh a dis him. Di fans dem a complain. mi see it pon twitter and all bout. everybody upset bout it. DeMarco shoulda neva! Him an him engineer plan an do dis ting," said Quick Cook.


Since appearing in Kingston City, he has been shunned by Popcaan and the Young Vibes Productions camp as he said they are upset with his role in the video.

Quick Cook, who described himself as a "street yute", is well known in local entertainment circles.

He became known outside that realm after he was featured on the intro for Popcaan's Party Shot, which goes: Quick Cook!/ Wah gwan?/ How di road stay?/ Yaow!/ Di party shot,/ is a good look fry yiy!/ Change yuh eye an fawud quick, quick, quick, quick, quick, quick!/ Yaow!/ Hear mi nuh Quick Cook, tell mi how di ting look!

However, in recent days, Popcaan has been rumoured to have made references to Quick Cook as now being 'fish cook'.

To this, Quick Cook responds: "How yuh a go ask a fish how di party look? Dat nuh sound right! Dem a try stir up something between dem one another an drop me inna di middle."

He said that at times, he was creatively stifled while he was linked to Popcaan and that he had received criticism for his River Stone collaboration with Assassin.

When contacted, DeMarco insisted that he had not set up Quick Cook. "A nuh me style him. a Popcaan style him. Mi feel him pain. Mi ben seh him style mi, but me an him still good."

Quick Cook told The WEEKEND STAR that he was busy working on his 'Fling A Stone' mixtape which will feature tracks such as No I.D., Wine Up Fi It, and Nasty People. The tape is being mixed by DJ Kenny.

"People a guh tek to it. When Quick Cook come, it always different from the average," he said.


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