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Thursday, May 31, 2012


                                                            Popcaan - The System Beenie Man - Hot Like Fire
Natalie Storm - Rock The Runway - 876
Machel Montano - Go Down - 876
Loudspeaker Instrumental

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Quick Cook - Mad Rass Wap Wap Mixtape 2012

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Single Version

Tracked Version

Sunday, May 27, 2012



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Click Here:TOMMY LEE - JOURNEY - MIX - DJ WIZZY - 2012 To Listen & Download



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Vybz Kartel ft Tommy Lee - Informer [UIM Records 2012

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1. Giddian Jingle
2. Busy Signal Arrested On Extradition Warrant From The U.S For Drug Charge(Tvj News)
3.Busy Signal - Hottt ed Medley
4. Busy Signal - Party Everyday - Symphony Riddim
5. Busy Signal ft. Richie Loop & D Major - Party like its your birthday
6.Giddian Jingle
7.Vox Pop - Jamaicans react to Busy Signal's arrest
8. Busy Signal - Owl city ( Fireflies)
9.Busy Signal - Unknown Number (Private Call)
10. Busy Signal - These Are The Days
12. Busy Signal-Nah Go A Jail Again
13.Busy Signal - Rural Guns [Dancehall Mania Riddim]
14. Busy Signal & Mavado - Full Clip
15. Busy Signal - man strap (Darker Shadow Riddim)
16..Busy Signal - Nightshift / One More Night
17.Busy Signal - Protect Me
18. Busy Signal - Come Over
19Busy Signal - Tonight
20.First Born Jingle



Friday, May 25, 2012

Busy Signal Waives Extradition Rights Will Surrender To U.S Authorities 2012

Photo credit:Norman Grindley/jamaica-gleaner.com
Embattled Dancehall/Reggae singjay, Busy Signal will soon face a United States courtroom after officially waiving his rights in his extradition case.

On Thursday morning, Busy Signal was denied bail when he appeared in the Half Way Tree Resident Magistrates Court in Kingston alongside his attorney and the Queen’s Counsel, K.D. Knight. Presiding Resident Magistrate, Stephanie Jackson Haisley made the decision following a bail application made on the artiste’s behalf by Knight. He was then ordered to return to court on June 6 when the case will again be mentioned.

However, Busy Signal quickly turned heads when he agreed to waive his rights to fight extradition and will surrender to American authorities next month. The singjay will then stand trial in the U.S. for absconding bail while awaiting a 2002 ruling in a drug case in the country.

According to K.D. Knight in a radio interview on Thursday afternoon, he explained that the only charge which Busy will face in the United States is absconding bail. However, Knight intimated that the drug related charges his client reportedly faces have not been the subject matter of this particular extradition request and no trial can take place regarding those charges.

Knight stated that under the treaty arrangement, the United States cannot try Busy Signal on the drug-related charges and should they try to do so, it would violate said treaty, leading to very serious consequences.

Busy Signal reportedly faces possession of cocaine, conspiracy to possess cocaine and distribution of cocaine charges from that 2002 case. The deejay was charged at that time with conspiracy to distribute cocaine in Minnesota before fleeing the U.S.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sheba And Former Gaza Members React To The Break Up Of The Portmore Empire 2012

With news forthcoming that the 'World Boss' has disbanded the Portmore Empire, artiste Sheba says she is in shock since she was not informed about the decision.
"I was not personally informed about this. Mi just wake up and see a broadcast message about it and a wonder if a true, but since THE STAR a call me, it look like a true, den," Sheba said.
Sheba went on to say that she had not heard Kartel's side of the story, so she was not in a position to speak about the group being disbanded.
"Him nuh send no message wid him lawyer fi say nutten bout it, but a still music, me say. I want to thank him for a great run - it's been three years. To be honest, this news kinda shock me - is a sudden surprise. it's not something that was discussed with me," she said.
Sheba, whose given name is Tasheba Campbell, says she joined the Portmore Empire in 2009.
"Mi go up a di studio one day and tell him say me can deejay and him say, "mek mi hear a song den", and mi deejay fi him, and him say him like it, and that was it," Sheba told THE STAR.
She is most famous for her collabs with Kartel, including You and Him Deh, Like Christmas, and Do Me Dat (A Whe Me Do You).
Former 'Gaza' artistes sound off
The STAR also spoke with a few of the original members to hear their views on the disbanding of the Portmore Empire.
"I was there from the beginning, and I got the chance to learn a lot of things while in the Portmore Empire that could help me out with my career today. From they remanded him, some of the others should have been trying to work on their craft so even if he doesn't come back very soon, they can still manage on their own. "Empire taught me to fight fi what yuh believe in and him is a man weh him like fi see yuh a do things. So as a female, yuh haffi think like a man but act like a woman," said Lisa Hyper.
Another artiste, Dosa Medicine, said, "I understand what Vybz Kartel is saying. he is away and can't really push their careers the way he could have if he was out. Vybz Kartel is a man like this ... when it becomes too much for him, he will just let it go. I figure more or less that is what is happening. But still, to be one of the original members, it's good to know that the whole world was saying gaza, something I help to build."


Frisco Records presents “VODKA REDBULL RIDDIM” full realease on may 21th featuring artists Like Squaddy, Richie Loop, Million Stylez and more.
Produced by: Frisco Records
Mixed and mastered @ Bizzarri Studio
Vodka Redbull riddim by Aidenjah & Guirie
Bastic – Puttin Pon Yuh
Benny B – Hot Body Deh
Frisco Records – Vodka Redbul Riddim [instrumental]
Kg Man Feat. Gioman – Like A Virus
Million Stylez – Over And Over
Richie Loop – Vodka
Squaddy – Party Vibes


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

BREAKING NEWS Vybz Kartel disbands Portmore Empire/GAZA | New Label 'PG13'

Adidjahiem Records would like to announce that the outfit known as the Portmore Empire is being disbanded, with the following statement from Adidja 'Vybz Kartel' Palmer:

Dancehall fans worldwide, it with great regret that I, Adidja Palmer have decided to disband the Portmore Empire. These artistes have been under the Adidjahiem leadership for years, where they have honed their craft and made their mark, and as such, are well on their way to becoming major forces in Dancehall. They have reached a level where they are more capable to take on their careers by themselves, and it would be unfair to them, based on the limited resources of Adidjahiem Records, and current legal woes of the Adidjahiem C.E.O. and team members.

I wish them the best and I am confident that they will live up to my expectations. In the future, Adidjahiem will continue to bring out new acts and groom them for stardom.

Thank You.

Former Portmore Empire members Vawnessa 'Gaza Slim' Saddler and Leroy 'Tommy Lee' Russell are moving on with a newly formed label named PG13.

"Right now, a PG13 di ting deh," states Gaza Slim.

"Look out for PG13," says Tommy Lee. "It soon work in."

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


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Cashflow Records – Sun Tan Riddim [instrumental]
Cashflow Xtreme – We A Rave
Charly Black – Claaaty Again
Demarco – This Is The Life
Khago – Fuck Summer [raw]
Khago – Love Summer [radio]
Stein – Again And Again

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Monday, May 21, 2012

BREAKING NEWS Busy Signal In Police Custody Facing Extradition To The United States

Busy Signal Arrested on Extradition Warrant in Jamaica!! Law enforcement agents have arrested another high profile figure from the West Kingston community, on an extradition warrant. Popular dancehall artiste, Busy Signal, whose real name in Reanno Glendale Gordon, was picked up at the Norman Manley International Airport, immediately after he stepped off a flight from the United Kingdom this afternoon. The Gleaner/Power 106 News understands that the entertainer was returning from a tour in Amsterdam. His arrest came months after The Gleaner broke the story that a prominent entertainer was under the radar of the United States to be extradited. ‘Busy’ is said to be linked to the operations of extradited West Kingston crimelord Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke. Coke is now awaiting sentencing in the United States on racketeering charges. His sentencing hearing is to begin tomorrow. According one of the law enforcement officers who spoke with The Gleaner, 'Busy' has been under investigation since 2002.

Konshens - Dig Di Road [Romeich Records] 2012

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Aidonia - Kush Heights [Dats A Rap Mixtape] 2012

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Popcaan Concert Flops Badly In Belize 2012

Posted Image

this past weekend gaza dancehall artist popcaan performed at a concert in the princess poolside in Belize City, Belize . Thousands of fans waited over 3 hours in pouring rain to see the gaza artist perform . he came on stage and performed for 13 minutes. then he walked off the stage with the mc's begging him to come back on stage . when he returned on stage angry fans starting throwing beer bottles on the stage and cursing the gaza artist

Sunday, May 20, 2012


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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Flexx - Dem Nuh Bad Suh [Mavado Diss] 2012

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Tommy Lee - Psycho [UIM Records] 2012

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Message from Tanesha 'Shorty' Johnson regarding Vybz Kartel's benefit concert at Club Riddim 2012

Hello all,
We received the following statement from Tanesha "Shorty" Johnson, common-law-wife of my former client Adidja Palmer. In response to published reports that proceeds from the May 22nd concert at Club Riddim will be donated toward aiding Kartel's legal fees, she insists that Kartel is not in need of charity, stating:
"Dem reporter deh bright. Dem fi lose dem work. Me babyfada get 4 lawyer fi himself, plus 1 for Shawn Storm, 1 for Kahira, 1 for Nigel, 1 for Leng, 1 for Gaza Slim, and 1 for Madsuss make 10. And any time dem get pay, a me go bank go draw money. Plus a me have him debit card. Me three youth dem school fee pay every term. Light and water pay and me house have food. So all who a talk can't stop him. A di benz truck him a go buy when him come, fi match di car."


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Friday, May 18, 2012


Troyton Music Presents The “Nite Life Riddim”. This Is Another Hit Riddim By The Mastermind Troyton! Quality Juggling With A Matching Tracklist & Is Guaranteed To Shell Down The Airwaves Worldwide! Yet Another Splendid Riddim As We Head To Summer! Nite Life Riddim Is Available For Digital Purchase On iTunes! Please Show Some Support By Buying This Juggling Online!


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New Romain Virgo album nabs spot on Billboard Chart 2012

Romain Virgo has copped a top 10 slot on the U.S. Reggae Billboard chart with his new album, 'The System'

Prominent Reggae superstar, Romain Virgo has scored another achievement on the international stage as his sophomore album has copped a spot on the United StatesBillboard chart.

The System earned the sixth slot on the Reggae Billboard chart this week; just over a week after its international debut. The 15 track album features smash hits such as Rich in Love, Mama Say and its title track, System. Additionally, The System debuted eight slots higher than Romain Virgo’s self-titled debut album in its first week after it was unveiled in 2010

For the former Digicel Rising Stars winner, this marks a crowning achievement in his career and feels elated with the results that The System has produced.

"When I found out I was really happy to tell you the truth. We worked extremely hard on this album, from the songwriting, to production and packaging - the entire thing. So it's definitely a great feeling to have it on the Billboard charts, especially so soon after it was released," he told the Jamaica STAR.

With his musical maturity evident through this latest project, the artiste known for several other hits such as Cyaa Sleep and Who Feels It Knows It insists that the future of Reggae music is bright, as long as local artistes continue to put in maximum effort.

"I have a long way to go, when I look at the major achievements of the reggae artistes before me; that is definitely something to aspire towards and that's what I'm focusing on right now. And apart from myself, there are a lot more promising young artistes, so I think it's a great future for reggae as long as we continue to work hard and put in the effort," Virgo said.

Romain Virgo will hold an album launch forThe System on May 30 at Emancipation Park in Kingston.

Club Riddim to host Vybz Kartel benefit concert 2012

Just days after it was announced that American businessman Corey Todd and incarcerated Dancehall megastar, Vybz Kartel had settled their differences and renewed their once fruitful partnership, a benefit concert will be held in honor of the ‘Worl’ Boss’ at Club Riddim.

On May 22, the New Kingston based nightclub will host a stage show billed with several Portmore Empire acts including internationally acclaimed deejay, Popcaan, Tommy Lee, Gaza Slim, amongst others. Special guest artistes have also been promised for the event, for which female patrons are free before midnight and JA$500 after while male patrons will pay JA$1,000.

Reportedly, all proceeds from this concert will go towards aiding Vybz Kartel’s legal expenses as he currently awaits trial in two separate murder cases, as well as his drug trial, which is scheduled to commence that same day.

Meanwhile, the island of Tobago will also be having a concert in honor of Kartel as Get Rich Records presents Free World Boss aka Vybz Kartel: The Concert on June 30 at Pigeon Point Beach.

This event also featuresPopcaan was well as fellow Kartel protégé, Sheba and highly acclaimed Dancehall superstar, Cham. Free World Boss aka Vybz Kartel: The Concert will be hosted by former Teacher’s Pet contestant Nikita Brown as well as Sky Maxx Sound.

Mavado files lawsuits in response to stage show, label claims

Internationally acclaimed Dancehall singjay David Brooks, more popularly known as Mavado has fought back vigorously after reports emerged in the last 24 hours regarding his visa status as well as his label situation.

Several reports emerged yesterday that the Alliance artiste had been dropped from a concert scheduled to take place later this month at the Guvernment Entertainment Complex (Kool Haus) in Toronto, Canada after failing to secure a work permit to enter the country.

Additionally, popular entertainment publication, L3 Magazine issued a statement which in part revealed that Mavado was being dropped from the Cash Money Records (YMCMB) umbrella just two weeks after joining the group as a result of his label, We The Best Music Group joining forces with the New Orleans based hip-hop establishment.

The magazine even reported than an international arrest warrant was out for Mavado due to the deejay allegedly assaulting a police officer.

On Thursday, Mavado responded sternly to the claims, reportedly filing several defamation, libel and loss of earnings suits claiming millions of dollars of damages against L3 Magazine editor-in-chief, Natasha Von Castle and co-defendant Ron Nelson in Toronto Civil Court. In the suits, Mavado alleges that both Van Castle and Nelson disseminated lies via Blackberry Broadcast and blog posts issued by both persons.

Furthermore, We The Best Music Group CEO, DJ Khaled as well as Cash Money Records co-founders, Ronald ‘Slim Williams and Brian ‘Birdman’ Williams are drawing up similar suits.

All this news comes just over a week after Mavado was found guilty in an assault case in St. James. The prominent singjay plans to appeal said verdict.

Khago calls out Assassin, feels betrayed by fellow deejay

Breakthrough Dancehall star, Khago has launched a scathing attack on fellow prominent artiste, Assassin, who he believes disrespected him following the release of a somewhat controversial new song.

Last month, Khago unveiled his single, Three Sum on the Supa Hype produced Juicy Riddim which raised some eyebrows given the mainstream perception that he’s a Rastafarian due to his long dreadlocks. As a result, Assassin released a song entitled, Bun Freaky Act, perceived by Khago and several Dancehall enthusiasts as a direct counteraction to Three Sum.

In Bun Freaky Act, the artiste otherwise known as Agent Sasco deejays, “Right now the thing a run slack, The armzhouse fi stop, Why Ras a beg three some, Mi bun freaky Ras, Yo cyan tell mi yo conquering Lion, Yo a dog from yo waan eat di cat.”

Upon hearing the track, Khago immediately defended himself, insisting that he never proclaimed himself to be a Rastafarian.

"Mi separate religion from music. Mi never tell nobody say mi a Rasta. Mi and nuh man never meet up a Bobo Hill. Dem a look a hype. Everybody can grow locks but a nuh every man a Rasta,” he told the Jamaica STAR.

Additionally, the Tun Up Di Ting singer expressed his displeasure with Assassin’s song; citing betrayal by the Talk How Mi Feel singer who he recently met for the first time and thought highly of him as a result.

"The first time mi meet Assassin about two months ago when mi an him buck up inna airport and the flight delay and mi go sit down beside him and him a talk to me and him a say him see say dem a give me a fight in the industry and how mi fi just gwaan do the work. Him all give me him BB pin and say him want voice me pon a rhythm. Now as him hear mi song him a di first fi jump pon it," he explained.

Khago, who’s recorded a counteraction to Bun Freaky Act entitled Sumn Haffi Fishy Bout You (Cashflow Records), believes that Assassin crossed the line with his latest single; insinuating that Agent Sasco in somewhat overrated.

"Him a move like music police. From Kartel rub out him career, him just sit down and wait till some artiste put out a tune and him jump pon it. A nuh me make Kartel gone a jail wid Assassin book and pen," he said.

With the notion that he’s been continuously attacked by fellow artistes within the music industry, Khago refuses to back down.

"Assassin don't have no melody. Him nuh call my name but mi a call dem name. Every year dem do dis song and call my name and try use me as guinea pig. Mi off a mute now, dem fi leave me mek mi do mi ting."

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Macka Diamond - Looking Good [Nicko Rebel Music] 2012

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Mavado reportedly dropped from Canadian stage show

Just over a week after being after a week after being found guilty in a recent assault case, prominent Dancehall singjay, Mavado may be feeling the ramifications of said verdict.

According to several media reports, the Alliance deejay will not be able to perform at a concert scheduled to take place on May 26 at the Guvernment Entertainment Complex (Kool Haus) in Toronto, Canada. This, after Mavado failed in his attempt to secure a valid work permit through the Canadian High Commission in Kingston.

Fellow internationally acclaimed singjay, Mr. Vegas has reportedly been touted as Mavado’s replacement at the event. However, Vegas told one876entertainment.com that he has not gotten a financial commitment from concert promoters, though admitting that they’re in talks.

Meanwhile, L3 Magazine is reporting that Mavado has been dropped from Cash Money Records (YMCMB), with whom he recently became a part of after DJ Khaled’s We The Best Music Group recently merged with the New Orleans based label. According to the publication, a credible source has confirmed that Mavado will no longer be a part of the group.

With regards to his inability to travel to Canada, a statement addressing the matter was expected by Mavado but has not yet been issued at this time. He’s also expected to address upcoming tour dates and whether or not he’ll be able to meet contractual obligations for future events.

Mavado’s due to perform at this year’s Best of the Best concert, scheduled for Memorial Day Weekend (May 25-27) at BiCentennial Park in Miami, Florida.  

Beenie Man addresses gay rights critics, insists he respects homosexuals

Internationally acclaimed Dancehall superstar, Beenie Man has publicly confirmed his stance regarding gay and lesbian critics who have continuously criticized him throughout his prestigious career.

In a video posted via the official YouTube page of Rototom Sunsplash, the self-professed 'King of the Dancehall' issued a statement regarding the flack he’s received from gay and lesbian rights groups while explaining his personal stance regarding those communities. Citing recent problems while trying to secure work, Beenie Man made it perfectly clear that he has no personal issues with homosexuals.

“Let me make this clear and straight. I have nothing against no one. I respect each and every human being, regardless of which race, regardless of which religious belief you have, and regardless of which sexual preference you are, including gays and lesbians,” he said.

According to Beenie Man, the growing tension between himself and the gay/lesbian community stems from songs he did dating back to the early 1990s, when he first became a household name.

“Do not fight against me for some songs I did 20 years ago,”he said.

“There is no one in this world is the same as they were 20 years ago, I know I am not. I was a kid and I come from Waterhouse, which is a small community. I never know what the world is like and what the world is all about. But now I know that people live in this world that live their life differently from my life. I still have to respect and love human beings.”

Beenie Man isn’t the first artiste this year to publicly address this issue as Reggae superstar, Sizzla Kalonji rubbished claims of promoting violence against homosexuals in his songs.

Beenie Man was one of several Jamaican artistes to sign the Reggae Compassionate Act in 2007, an agreement created to dissuade entertainers from using homophobic lyrics in their music.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Vybz Kartel And Corey Todd Reunite, To Revive Street Vybz Rum 2012

Embattled dancehall star Vybz Kartel may just achieve the best thing for his ailing career in the last several months.

The “Dancehall Hero” deejay recently rekindled his friendship and business relationship with businessman Corey Todd.

Corey Todd, who is an American-Jamaica entertainment entrepreneur, severed ties with Vybz Kartel last year in a highly publicized and bitter split.

According to Todd, Vybz Kartel threatened his life after he refused to be bossed around.
The split saw the end of the very popular Street Vybz Rum and a downward spiral of Vybz Kartel image amidst his bleaching scandal.

Sources close to Vybz Kartel, told Urban Islandz that the deejay reached out to Todd a few months ago and the two have been in contact ever since.
Corey Todd and Vybz Kartel formed one of dancehall’s most envied business partnerships in 2008, which saw the birth of Street Vybz Rum, Daggering Condom, and The Building nightclub, now rebranded Riddim Night Club.

After their split, Todd formed a management and product partnerships with dancehall artistes Beenie Man, Aidonia, Khago, Jah Vinci and producer NotNice. Those partnerships saw the birth of Yaad Swag Rum and Yaad Stout.

Corey Todd later part ways with Aidonia, NotNice, Khago, and Jah Vinci, due to the grueling pressures of running his business ventures.

“Vybz wrote Todd a letter a few months ago and express his desire to form back their partnership,” the source said. “Todd was always a close friend of Vybz, so it was not hard for him to reach out back to him and express his sympathy for his legal troubles, as well as, his desire to get back to business.”

According to the source, the duo plans on reviving the lucrative Street Vybz Rum brand, and possibly introduce new products to the market.


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