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Tuesday, December 25, 2012


AJONI Montique,more commonly known to his YouTube fans as Spoonaz,is a 17-year-old Dancehall artiste on the rise,looking to secure his place as the next dancehall icon.

This former student of Calabar High School has not only been blasting the online air waves,but also used his deejay talents to show support for peace and unity by doing a song for the Peace for Champs campaign.

Along with natural talent and the support of his family and friends,Spoonaz has what it takes to be the best at his craft.

TEENage: How did you get started in music?

Spoonaz: Music has been in my blood from a tender age,but I wasn't really serious about it until I realised how much passion and talent I have for it.

TEENage: At what age did you start music as a career and why?

Spoonaz: Well from at the age of eight I have been writing poems and rhymes and I discovered I was really good at it. So,then I started to take wider steps and expanded my knowledge of writing. By the age of 15,I found that I had a great passion for music deep within me,so I started focusing on it as my main career. It's just a way to express my feelings deep inside.

TEENage: Other than music what career path would you have chosen?

Spoonaz: I haven't really stopped to think deep about that,simply because music is my number one aim,but I think the field of business would be another aim.

TEENage: How would you describe your music?

Spoonaz: My music is a reflection of both myself and the people around me living in today's world.

TEENage: What influences your music?

Spoonaz: Life and other aspects,for example the youths,the country,the wrongs and the rights in life. In the world we're living in there have been a lot of things taking place and I just see music as one of the main ways to express me. My friends also play a major role in influencing my music.

TEENage: Which international and local artistes would you work with?

Spoonaz: Well,I would like to work with Birdman,Lil' Wayne,Drake,and the whole YMCMB (Young Money Cash Money Billionaires) faternity. Locally,it would be Tommy Lee.

TEENage: Which artiste do you see as a musical role model and why?

Spoonaz: Vybz Kartel,simply because of his style and how much of a veteran he is and the influence he has on the youths. And also his attitude towards his music and his personal life. He cares not about what anyone wants to say or do,he just always seem to be the hero of dancehall. A lot of respect goes out to all other artistes though.

TEENage: What has been the most memorable part of your career so far?

Spoonaz: Well for me I would say watching the YouTube views of my song Bleaching Anthem climb from zero views to 52,000 views in one month,and it's still climbing.

TEENage: Which song would you say is your most successful?

Spoonaz: Bleaching Anthem,simply because I have done a lot of songs before this one,but this specific song helped to spread my name wider in the music industry and to let people know more about me and to bring me more fame. So,I would say Bleaching Anthem is my hit.

TEENage: Do you have any current projects working on?

Spoonaz: Yes,I just released a new song titled Free Up Di Wurl Boss.

TEENage: Where do you see Spoonaz in the next five years?

Spoonaz: Well,really and truly I don't believe in planning,simply because the more man plan is the more God wipe. So,all I'm doing is putting my all in this and aiming for the sky, which is the limit. But,my aim is to be touring, making that paper and just representing for the people.

TEENage: How does your family feel about your career choice?

Spoonaz: They believe in me and believe that I will make it,so they give their full support.

TEENage: What advice would you give to young persons wanting to do music as a career?

Spoonaz: Well to be honest my personal advice is as long as yuh do have a passion for it and find great love deep inside for the music,go ahead and push your musical career to the top. Always involve God in your everyday planning.

TEENage: And what should the world watch out for from Spoonaz?

Spoonaz: From me Spoonaz,the world should expect just pure greatness; expect the unexpected,and also know that my dream is to be the world's most famous,well known and greatest dancehall icon


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