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Saturday, June 9, 2012


Like the once powerful Gaza Camp, Mavado's Gullyside appears to be shrinking with the exit of another member, Savage, who was featured on the Christmas collaboration with Mavado called Gully Christmas.
According to Savage, the Flexx-led Fagan Fraternity and the Alliance are his only group affiliations.
Fagan Fraternity recently released a rhythm called the Dark Storm, which is an intended diss to Mavado's Gully Side, on which Savage recorded a song called Kill Bwoy Fi Nothing aimed at Mavado and Chase Cross.
"Deh song deh guh straight into the brain of the Gully, a Flexx mek mi know Mavado and from mi and Mavado duh Gully Christmas him shadow mi career," Savage said.
According to Savage, the current feud could have been avoided, however Mavado was not willing to fix the situation.
"Mi link him (Mavado) and ask him if the war with Flexx can squash and Mavado sey no, suh mi work out the maths and mi decide sey mi a defend Flexx. Mi hear sey dem a chat up a bag a things but dem fraid a wi like puss because dem nuh have nuh lyrics, dem a hide inna bush," Savage said.
According to Savage, popular Gullyside/ Alliance selector Boom Boom has also sided with Mavado and has refused to play his songs since the feud.
"We all come from Grants Pen and the place a sey Kibaki, Savage, Mavado, Boom Boom and Flexx, but all Boom Boom a tek side and nah play Savage and a Flexx mek all dem youth deh start par with Mavado," Savage said.
Savage also claimed that he wrote Mavado's single House Cleaning and Mavado left him off the rhythm.
"I was recording the song for myself and Mavado like it and I gave it to him and he ended up recording the song and I wasn't allowed to record on the rhythm. Suh him nah duh nothing fi wi. Tommy Lee par with Kartel less dan a year and him a big artiste already," Savage continued.
"Dem sey 2012 the world a guh end but a Gullyside world a guh end this year. How dem fi diss Bounty Killer and a Killer buss dem. Because Flexx big up Bounty Killer dem waah vex. Chase Cross cyaah rap fi save him life much less fi sing; everybody know sey him nuh good and a him cause all of this trouble," Savage said.
Flexx also commented on the issue. According to him, Savage was taken to Mavado by him therefore its natural that he would side with him (Flexx).
"We are just doing music now, music is big and music nuh have nuh bodyguard. Fagan Fraternity will soon have its own website in a matter of weeks and we are producing new rhythms to be released," Flexx said.
Savage is currently signed to Snow Cone's Victory Syndicate Records and is gearing up to make an appearance in Bermuda. He is also doing recordings for Sounique Records.
All attempts to get a comment from a representative of the Gullyside were unsuccessful.

SOURCE:  http://jamaica-star.com


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