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Monday, June 18, 2012

‘I Will Never Tell An Artiste About His Mother On Record’ Says Khago 2012

Emerging dancehall star Khago now embroiled in a lyrical feud with Rastafarian entertainer Sizzla Kalonji has said that he will not descend to Sizzla’s level and resort to disrespecting anyone’s parents on record.

These comments come in the wake of a recent single released days ago by Sizzla entitled ‘Khago Go S*ck Yu Mumma’. Where Kalonji launches an all out tirade against the ‘Nah Sell Out Mi Fren Dem’ singer.
Responding to the release of the song Khago said, “Sizzla lose it. This just shows how desperate he is fi mek him have to resort to telling someone about his mother. I respect my parents, my father died when I was a child, and today is Father’s Day so mi a honour my parents. Mi inna music , but mi no inna almshouse.” 
He continued, “Sizzla just show say him no have no moral authority fi tell anybody about dem life. How can an artiste who sing ‘Thank You Mama’, a classic song like that a couple years ago, come today and tell another artiste ‘Go Suck Yu Mumma’, Sizzla just upset say mi write him off, the whole world know say him caan stand up to mi lyrically, mi win the first two round of the battle and mi a go win the war,” a confident Khago explained.
Khago is expected the depart the island soon for stints in England and Canada and is confirmed for this year’s Reggae Sumfest in Catherine Hall, Montego Bay.



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