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Sunday, May 6, 2012


Just when you think L.A. Lewis is finished, he always comes with something new.
This time around, it isn't so much about a beef with an artiste or about his islandwide graffiti, it's about his latest idea, the Gaza Federation.
Sounds familiar?
Deejay Vybz Kartel brought the Portmore Empire group to fame soon after its 2007 inception. The group later started the 'Gaza' movement.
Now, with Vybz Kartel's court woes, the 'seven star general' has made it his duty to "run the Gaza while the boss is away".
"Mi live a Portmore and mi like wah Kartel did a do...a buss the youths but now dem a frame him so we just a continue it. Mi a run di thing because nobody nah really run it. When him come back him a di boss still, but for now me a run it," he explained.
Lewis told The STAR that thus far, the Gaza Federation members include Lackchat, Chin, Dolla Speng and long-time Portmore Empire member Dosa Medicine, among others.
He plans to approach Deva Bratt to join the group and is giving deejay Popcaan one week to join or face the consequences.
"Everybody have him as a Judas so mi a give him a week fi come sign in back," he said.
When contacted Deva Bratt said he has no intention of joining the group.
"No time! A Krucial Konflict mi a seh right now, mi an mi artiste dem happy right now and just a work," he told The STAR.
He is currently working with young acts like Askel 45, Polka Dot, Lando Swizz, Hotta Mud, Toxic and Fire Flames and has the Uncle and the Exorcist rhythms now out.
He went on to say that with all his legal run-ins now behind him, he is aiming to develop a working relationship with all musicians and disc jockeys.
"Mi songs them a reach overseas and the people are asking how comes them not hearing me out here on the radio, but don't worry I'm still here. Right now I'm just getting ready to start working with the disc jockeys again," he said.
Lewis is also looking to release the first rhythm from the Gaza Federation titled War Season.
He plans to now go by the stage name War Angel, aka 7 Star General, reserving L.A. Lewis for the business part of things.
He recently fired warning shots at deejays Lyara and KipRich in songs like Warning Shot and War Season and is now warning them that the Gaza Federationwill crush anybody in its path.
"Mi do three tune fi KipRich an all now him nuh answer like a scared him scared. Lyara a KipRich spouse so mi just a rub out di whole a dem and di corruption. From yuh fight against wi system yuh a fight against the Gaza Federation. A we a di secret society," he said.
He plans to approach
Deva Bratt to join the group and is giving deejay Popcaan one week to join or face the consequences.

SOURCE http://theislandvibes.com/profiles/blogs/la-lewis-the-new-gaza-boss



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