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Friday, May 18, 2012

Khago calls out Assassin, feels betrayed by fellow deejay

Breakthrough Dancehall star, Khago has launched a scathing attack on fellow prominent artiste, Assassin, who he believes disrespected him following the release of a somewhat controversial new song.

Last month, Khago unveiled his single, Three Sum on the Supa Hype produced Juicy Riddim which raised some eyebrows given the mainstream perception that he’s a Rastafarian due to his long dreadlocks. As a result, Assassin released a song entitled, Bun Freaky Act, perceived by Khago and several Dancehall enthusiasts as a direct counteraction to Three Sum.

In Bun Freaky Act, the artiste otherwise known as Agent Sasco deejays, “Right now the thing a run slack, The armzhouse fi stop, Why Ras a beg three some, Mi bun freaky Ras, Yo cyan tell mi yo conquering Lion, Yo a dog from yo waan eat di cat.”

Upon hearing the track, Khago immediately defended himself, insisting that he never proclaimed himself to be a Rastafarian.

"Mi separate religion from music. Mi never tell nobody say mi a Rasta. Mi and nuh man never meet up a Bobo Hill. Dem a look a hype. Everybody can grow locks but a nuh every man a Rasta,” he told the Jamaica STAR.

Additionally, the Tun Up Di Ting singer expressed his displeasure with Assassin’s song; citing betrayal by the Talk How Mi Feel singer who he recently met for the first time and thought highly of him as a result.

"The first time mi meet Assassin about two months ago when mi an him buck up inna airport and the flight delay and mi go sit down beside him and him a talk to me and him a say him see say dem a give me a fight in the industry and how mi fi just gwaan do the work. Him all give me him BB pin and say him want voice me pon a rhythm. Now as him hear mi song him a di first fi jump pon it," he explained.

Khago, who’s recorded a counteraction to Bun Freaky Act entitled Sumn Haffi Fishy Bout You (Cashflow Records), believes that Assassin crossed the line with his latest single; insinuating that Agent Sasco in somewhat overrated.

"Him a move like music police. From Kartel rub out him career, him just sit down and wait till some artiste put out a tune and him jump pon it. A nuh me make Kartel gone a jail wid Assassin book and pen," he said.

With the notion that he’s been continuously attacked by fellow artistes within the music industry, Khago refuses to back down.

"Assassin don't have no melody. Him nuh call my name but mi a call dem name. Every year dem do dis song and call my name and try use me as guinea pig. Mi off a mute now, dem fi leave me mek mi do mi ting."


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